Spitfire Sheep now available on iOS! Also, permanent price drop!


Spitfire Sheep was originally released for Android in July, and now it’s available for Apple aficionados on the App Store. Grab your iPhone or iPad and zap some sheep!

Additionally, Spitfire Sheep now has a permanently reduced price of $1.99 on the Google Play Store and the App Store. If you buy the premium version, you can:

  • Remove all ads
  • Unlock all costumes (including exclusives and ones that will be added in future releases)
  • Play offline with the ability to resubmit your score later.

Of course, you can still play for free and watch ads to earn yarn balls that unlock costumes individually at random.

Feeling competitive or want to impress your friends, family, oblivious crush, etc.? Play and see how long you can keep the barn from burning! While the leaderboards aren’t shared between the Android and iOS versions, you can still brag about your score on Facebook or Twitter. Let the world know that you’re the Spitfire Sheep champion (or at least the 3,028th best player on planet Earth)!

Click on the Google Play or App Store button below to go directly to Spitfire Sheep’s corresponding store page:



Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for the iOS version to arrive. We hope you will enjoy playing Spitfire Sheep during the holidays and beyond.

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